TEAM Module One


Chapter 1 | Locate 

The number one principle of real estate is location, location, location. The first principle of effective Christian living is also location! It is essential to know the location of your spiritual real estate. Learn the location of mind, will, emotions, your Bible heart, conscience, and discover how to tell flesh from spirit.



Chapter 2 | Drop Down

Learn how to tap into the fruit of the spirit at any time. When you open the door in your heart, focus and make a connection you are in instantly in the presence of God. When you are in His presence, you feel, or experience, His peace and love—the fruit of the spirit.


Chapter 3 | The Prayer Connection

What is prayer and how do you learn to abide in Christ? Learn how to know for sure if you are connected or not connected. You just have to get God in the loop.



Chapter 4 | God Tools

You have already been given God Tools. Unfortunately most believers need some instruction about how to use them better. Learn what the God Tools are, how to use your God Tools, and have a God-built life. Christianity should be easy. It was simple, quick, and transforming. It still is when you know how.


Chapter 5 | Just Deal With It

Many have been told from time to time "just deal with it." The question is, exactly how do you "deal with it"? The Bible also tells us to deal with it. Ephesians 4:20-24 tells us to put off the old way of life and put on a new way of life. Finally learn how to do the process in between the old and the new. This chapter tells you how to "deal with it."


Chapter 6 | The God Toolbox

What are your primary God Tools and do you know how to use them all? Forgiveness? Loving? Releasing? Receiving? Resisting? Well, this chapter explains the basics of the tools in your God Toolbox.



Chapter 7 | Healed to Heal

God heals you to heal others. Understanding how to use the God Tools is the missing piece of the puzzle for Christian living. Can you imagine how different church life would be if Christians knew how to forgive, were healed of their wounds and walked in the spirit? Everyone would potentially be able to pray through their own issues, forgive easily and live peaceably. Parents and youth and children's workers could pray with and equip the younger generation.



Chapter 8 | Storm Chasers

The Lord wants to release teams of healed equippers to heal His Bride. When you have peace in your heart and are skilled in how-to's you can run to the storms that others run from. You can become a Storm Chaser with solutions to rescue others from the storms of life.