TEAM Module Two


Chapter 1 | Bitter Roots

Bitter roots are the main cause of unnecessary trouble and destruction in the lives of Christians. Learn how spiritual roots operate, what causes bitter roots, and the laws of bitter roots. Bitter roots take root in the heart and grow like poisonous weeds unless forgiveness is applied. Discover how to recognize bitter roots in your life and how to get rid of them.



Chapter 2 | How We See

Believers often try to navigate through life with spiritual vision impairment. They can't see themselves, other people, or even God Himself clearly. Learn how bitter roots block the clarity and illumination God wants to give us.



Chapter 3 | Government of Voice

Believers have the capacity to recognize the voice of the Lord and they have a mandate to obey His voice. However, there are many other voices that vie for control including the world, the flesh, the devil, and the past. Learn how to distinguish between the different voices. Discover how to test wrong voices and break the line of authority.



Chapter 4 | Blue Card: FACT

Learn how to instantly deal with distracting thoughts and mental strongholds—lies that seem true because there is historical evidence, or "proof."



Chapter 5 | Simple Prayer: Touching

Although we teach the process of sanctification, the goal is loving God. We are not set free just to feel better, we are set free to draw close to God. Prayer should be communion with God, rather than asking God to "do things." God is not far away, or distant. Sanctification removes heart barriers so we draw closer to God and touch His presence.