TEAM Module Three


Chapter 1 | The Fountain

We have access to a spiritual Fountain of Living Water through connecting with Jesus Christ. Christ is a natural supply of supernatural water within. When you drop down, you connect with the Fountain. In Jeremiah 2:13 God says that His people have committed two sins. First, they have forsaken God—the Fountain of living waters. Secondly, they made for themselves broken cisterns that can't hold water—substitutes of their own making. Learn how to identify cisterns, deal with your cisterns, disconnect from cisterns, and reconnect to the living water.



Chapter 2 | Absorbing Spiritual Truth

God's supply is infinite. However, you can limit your own receptivity. Those who are indifferent limit how much they receive. An individual needs to know how to yield as well as have a desire. Receiving also depends on capacity. Learn how to absorb spiritual truth and let it be planted in your heart.



Chapter 3 | Blue Card: FILL

God gave us legitimate needs for love, attention, and approval. However, emotionally bankrupt parents can give their children little emotional support. If their own emotional needs are unmet, they will be unable to meet the emotional needs of their children. When needs are NOT met in the right way, an emotional black hole results. An emotional black hole is an area of neediness that seems impossible to fill. Individuals try to fill the inner craving with substitutes that never satisfy. Learn how God can fill the holes and heal needy people.



Chapter 4 | Hierarchy of Need

Learn the four foundations of life and the four "predestineds" of God. God promises to be the sufficiency for your deficiencies.



Chapter 5 | Hierarchy of Need: Trust

Trust is the first foundation for relationship. Trust opens the heart to receive. Receive healing and filling for wounds in the area of trust. Trust allows bonding in the natural, and the supernatural "bonds of peace" for biblical unity. Until the trust foundation is healed, believers will be unable to bond adequately in relationships.



Chapter 6 | Hierarchy of Need: Love

Child development is almost entirely about love. Trust is the beginning but love is the goal. Trust opens the heart to love. Trust and bonding enable us to receive love. Love creates a connection between hearts. Lack of love creates isolation, separation, and alienation. Love fills us. Lack of love leaves us empty and incomplete. Love makes us fully human, real and whole. Love is a force that can be felt, a power that is real. Receive healing and filling for wounds in the area of love. Healing the foundation of love allows believers to experience the supernatural love of God.