TEAM Module Four


Chapter 1| Christ the Deliverer

Grace is the power of Christ working in you. You are saved by grace. You walk in the spirit by grace. You are delivered by grace. Christ is everything you need, not just part of what you need. You don't need to depend on others or guess about deliverance. Learn how to deal with legal ground, yield to Christ the Deliverer in you, and experience self-deliverance with know-so assurance that something really happened.


Chapter 2 | Self-Deliverance

Both God and the devil want your will so they can work through you. Learn the three keys for deliverance, how to win the battle for your will, and the two steps of self-deliverance. Self-deliverance is easy when you know the principles and the how-to's.  


Chapter 3 | Guarding the Doors

The enemy tries to connect with you through two doors: the mind door and the emotion door. Learn how to guard the doors and what to do if you accidently give ground to the enemy. Discover how to recognize and deal with religious spirits, three types of false worship, and how to recognize and defeat the wiles of the devil.




Chapter 4 | Sex and Intimacy

Discover the significance of the spirit-soul-body connection, how to discern between love and lust, and why sexual sin always includes hitchhiking seducing spirits. Learn why sexual sin is so damaging, God's design and principles for clean sexual union, and how to test by the Word, will, and way of God. Learn simple steps to freedom, how to get free from the past and how to know you are truly free once and for all. Discover how to break soul ties. Deal with root issues and take back legal ground from the enemy.



Chapter 5 | The Science of Prayer

"Mystical experience is biologically, observably, and scientifically real," according to neuroscientists. Changes in the brain reflect the prayer life of the heart. It appears that God has given human beings the physical and spiritual ability to discover Him. A new field of science, neurotheology, is doing ground breaking research in faith, prayer, and how we experience God.



Chapter 6 | Christ the Healer

Discover the importance of emotions and physical health. Your biography becomes your biology through the power of spiritual receptivity and belief.  


Chapter 7 | Christ the Comforter

Christ the Comforter first comforts us, then sends us forth to do the same. You can't give something you haven't received, but whatever you have received, you can give to others.