How to Minister to Sexual Issues


Effective Tools to Minister Freedom 



Whether you are a pastor, counselor, missionary, lay minister,
or need freedom yourself, you will get the answers you need.



•     Learn how to recognize and break soul ties.
•     Discover how to close open doors from the past.
•     Finally have an approach that really works to bring true freedom.


Topics include:

______________________ SECTION ONE ______________________


Chapter 1    Emotions: Keys for Freedom

Chapter 2    Dealing with Emotions

Chapter 3    The Science of Love

Chapter 4    Lust and Pornography

Chapter 5    What Does the Bible Say?

Chapter 6    God’s Word, Will, and Way


______________________ SECTION TWO ______________________


Chapter 7    Soul Ties

Chapter 8    Specific Topics

Chapter 9    Sex Trafficking

Chapter 10  Boundaries

Chapter 11  Restoration